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Choosing the Right Warranty

No one offers you more warranty choices for your new roof than GAF! To help you select the right warranty, the chart below summarizes the key provisions of each GAF warranty.

In order to qualify for SureStartTM PLUS extended warranty coverage, the roof system must be installed by a contractor with an up-to-date ShingleMasterTM or SELECT Shingle RooferTM credential, and must meet Integrity Roof SystemTM requirements.

When used in conjunction with other Elk components, Elk shingles create a total roof system which delivers outstanding protections against wind and moisture. The homeowner has the added security of buying from a single source and increased Umbrella Coverage on the shingles to seven years.

In order to qualify for Elk's free 7-year "Full System Warranty," your installed roof must include each of the Elk products 1- 5 below. Note: RidgeCrest® (vented) qualifies as ridge vents and hip & ridge shingles.

Elk Premium Shingles.
HighPoint™ or RidgeCrest with Formula FLX Ridge Vents provide filterless ventilation, reducing moisture accumulation that can damage roof decks.
Elk IceGard™ All-Climate Self-Adhering Underlayment protects against winddriven rain and ice damming. IceGard applies directly to the decking in potential leak zones prior to shingle application.
Starter Strip – the first step to a great start for a lasting roof that can withstand severe winds.
Elk Starter Strip – helps protect your home from the elements and completes your roof.
7.2" StartRite™ Roll - standard asphalt, granular surfaced, fiberglass reinforced with WindGuard® sealant.
7.2" KwikStart™ Roll - self-adhering SBS-modified asphalt, mineral surfaced, fiberglass reinforced with WindGuard sealant.
9" Starter Roll - standard asphalt, granular surfaced, fiberglass reinforced with WindGuard sealant.
Ridglass®, Z® Ridge, Seal-A-Ridge® or RidgeCrest™ Hip and Ridge Shingles help create unique roofline profiles while providing extra protection against leaks andwind blow-offs.


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